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It is thanks to people like you that the phenomenon of Tato.Net owes its existence, new fathers play their role better and families become a happy runway for future generations. Thank you for your contribution to building a responsible fatherhood culture.

I do not know of a second such initiative in the world that has done so much for so many with so few resources.

dr Ken Canfield
founder of the National Center for Fatherhood in the USA – about Tato.Net

Your donation

we will focus on one of the following goals

participation in the Forum for fathers who are struggling with material difficulties,
covering some costs
Forum organization
organization of Tato.Net
Tato.Net website and other forms of active fatherhood promotion

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by completing the form or by using traditional transfers

send a check to:

Tato.Net Fatherhood Program Fund c/o
DFS PO Box 5253 Topeka, KS 66605, U.S.A.

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