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WHAT? 9th International Tato.Net Forum “Freedom and Discipline”

WHERE? Arche Hotel, Łochów near Warsaw

WHEN? Saturday, 30th September 2017, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Time left to the fathering event of the year

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  • Friday September 29th 7.30 PM - MAX statues ceremony

    7.30 PM. Ceremonial dinner combined with handing MAX statues to individuals and institutions who help to discover paternity – accompanying event.

  • Saturday September 30th 8.00 AM

    Reception / regestration

    Opening of partners’ stalls and intiatives supporting family and fatherhood

  • 9.00 - Dad zone

    A chance to meet the participants and special guests

  • 10.00 - Official opening of the 9th Tato.Net Forum

    Opening speech

    Message of Patrons and Partners

  • 10.10 - 11.15 PART I. To be free. How to fight for internal freedom and self discipline?

    Plenary session:

    • Jozef Augustyn SI:
      Facts – What is and what is not freedom?
      What is and what is not a discipline?
    • Joshua Becker (USA):
      New challenges that enslave men’s soul today.
    • Marek Kaminski:
      “Crossing yourself”. Fight for personal freedom: strategy, tactics and price.

  • 11.15 - 12.30 Panel I. How to be free in the world of millions of opportunities?

    11.15 – 12.00 Voices of the Fathers

    12.00 – 12.30 Coffee break

  • 12:30 - 1:30 PM Thematic groups part I

    Meetings in small groups on selected topics.
    Sign up for individual groups soon.

  • 1.30 PM - 2.00 PM Lunch break

    Lunch break

  • 2.00 PM - PART II. To be an initiator. How to educate to be free and disciplined?

    2.00 PM – 3.00 PM – Plenary session:

    • Stanislaw Slawinski Ph.D.:
      Self education – what it is and what it isn’t?
    • Piotr Czekierda:
      How to be an initiator of freedom?
    • Paweł Woliński:
      Father’s aspirations and children’s freedom
    • Joshua Becker (USA):
      How to introduce minimalism in the family?

  • 3.00 PM - Panel II. How to balance the upbringing between liberty and discipline?

    • How to build relationships in a family that will be more attractive than escape into addiction?
    • Do one should give their child the freedom to learn from his mistakes?
    • How to teach your child to protect and develop his freedom?

    3.45 PM- 4.15 PM Coffee break

  • 4.15 PM - 5.15 PM Thematic groups part II

    Meetings in small groups on selected topics.
    Sign up for individual groups soon.

  • 5.15 PM - 6.00 PM Plenary session

    • Dr. Joaquin G. Molina (Cuba, USA):
      How to set out your fatherly goals?
    • Vasile Mihoc (Romania):
      Father – a man free and liberating
    • Dariusz Cupial:
      Conclusions and closing of the Forum

*The organizers note there may be changes to the programme.


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MAX statuette is an award granted by Tato.Net Fatherhood Initiative Program Board in recognition for the contribution to disseminating of responsible fatherhood culture.

The nominees are:

  • men, who prove and promote the value and beauty of the fatherhood in their own lives,
  • people, who help discovering the importance of the fatherhood in their artistic output or public activity
  • institutions who excel in consideration to the social aspect of fatherhood in their activity.

The name MAX is inspired by St. Maksymilian Kolbe, who in a German nazi extermination camp in Auschwitz gave his life to save a father.

If you have a candidate for the award fill out the form.

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